How to Cure Penis Pimples?

Published: 09th October 2009
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While there could be many more diseases far severe than penis pimples but there are certainly a very few that are as embarrassing and uncomfortable to deal with. For guys it's difficult to even deal with pimples on their face let alone dealing with pimples on penis.

However, the "good" part about penis pimples is that while awfully awkward, it's not a severe medical condition to deal with. Mostly, a pimple is just a pimple, be it on the face, on the penis or anywhere else around the body. So let's look at how to deal with a pimple on penis.

First and foremost, whatever you do, just DO NOT try to "over clean" your penis by repeatedly washing it. It is bad enough that you have pimples on penis, but overscrubing them will only result in worsening the situation. Just choose a milder soap instead of the normal one to clean your penis pimples.

Unless you want to spread the infection from the fluid that's in that penis pimple of yours, you should strictly keep away from squeezing or penetrating it in any which way.

By and large, the root cause of all pimples and acne related issues is the food that's causing the allergic reaction. In the case of penis pimples too you should look to check what foods suit your body/skin and what don't.

For pimple-prone people, there are some foods that cause extra sebum secretion on the skin, which eventually results in pimples by clogging the pores of the skin. Now, some are relatively lucky and they get these pimples on face and other parts of their skin, while some are left to deal with pimples on penis.

Atop this, you can also try some organic supplements such as herbal blood purifier. Also, drink as much water as you can (of course you don't need to overdo it - just about 2 to 5 liter should be enough depending on your daily routine). It is our body's natural way of freeing it from all the toxins and it also effective in "drying up" penis pimples.

If you only get pimples on penis and nowhere else, you might also want to check the fabric of your underwear. There is a possibility that your penis pimples are resulting from the bad fit or bad quality of your underwear's fabric.

Finally you should also get a pimple powder to keep your penis pimples dry and apply it around thrice a day.

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